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MASIO (Marlboro South Industrial Organisation) is a non-profit organisation created for the purposes of protecting the legal and constitutional rights of the landowners of the Marlboro South industrial area and to uplift the quality of business and life of the land owners and employees.

The area is zoned industrial according to the Sandton Town Planning Scheme, 1980, (Local Government Ordinance 17 of 1939).

Marlboro South Industrial Land Use

Marlboro Industrial Township ("the site") is situated within the jurisdiction of the Johannesburg City Council ("the Council") and is situated directly north of Alexandra Township , east of the industrial township of Wynberg and south of the residential township Marlboro Gardens.

This site is bounded by First Street - Vasco Da Gama Street to the south, Pretoria Main Road to the west, Fifth Street to the north and Seventh Avenue to the east.

This site enjoys excellent regional accessibility via the M1 and M3 highways via Marlboro Drive.

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Business Premises: 196 erven

Vacant erven: 129 erven

Total erven: 325 erven

All erven are almost exactly 991 m2 in extent, save for those erven located along the eastern and western boundaries of the town ship.

Approximately 32.8 hectares of land is available for industrial or commercial purpose.

The total area of the Township is approximately 45.7 hectares.


The township has been divided into two distinct zones:

  • Firstly, the erven, mid-block south of Third Street are all zoned "industrial 3" in terms of the general provisions of the Sandton Town Planning Scheme, 1980.
  • The erven north of the properties zoned "industrial 3" are mostly zoned " Special for commercial purposes" in terms of the amendment scheme 776, read with Annexure 451.



It is estimated that the implementation of the existing 1980 Sandton Town Planning Scheme will create:

•  9 000 direct jobs within the site and additional

•  3 000 indirect jobs most of which will be of


Marlboro South Industrial area is an important source of employment to the greater Alexandra area. The site is directly accessible to the greater Alexandra area via an integrated road network which links the two areas.

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